Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers


It operates the biggest electronic trading platform from the U.S. by amount of daily average revenue trades. The business agents shares , choices , futures, EFPs, futures alternatives , forex, bonds, and capital .

The business is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut and has offices in four towns. It’s the largest subsidiary of the broker group Interactive Brokers Group, Inc., which was founded by Chairman Thomas Peterffy, an early innovator in computer-assisted trading. The business is a provider of fully revealed, omnibus, and non-disclosed agent balances [nb 1] and provides correspondent clearing solutions to 200 introducing agents worldwide. The business functions 607,000 customer accounts, together with US$128.4 billion in client equity. Interactive Brokers Group owns 40 percent of their futures OneChicago, also can be an equity partner and creator of this Boston Options Exchange.

The first organization was initially created as a market maker in 1977 under the name T.P. & Co., and has been renamed Timber Hill Inc. in 1982. It became the first to utilize fair value pricing sheets onto an exchange trading floor in 1979, and also the first to utilize handheld computers for trading, at 1983. Back in 1987, Peterffy also established the first completely automated algorithmic trading system, to automatically make and submit orders to a marketplace. Between 1993 and 1994, the corporate team Interactive Brokers Group was established, along with also the subsidiary Interactive Brokers LLC was made to command its electronic broker, and also to keep it independent from Timber Hill, that conducts market earning. In 2014, Interactive Agents became the very first online broker to provide direct access to IEX, a personal forum for trading securities. Now about 16.6% of the organization is publicly held, while the rest is held by workers and their affiliates; Thomas Peterffy is your biggest shareholder.

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